Tiger Striping

Ever notice those dirty streaks on the face of your gutters? This is commonly referred to as Tiger Striping. Tiger Striping occurs when chemicals or substances in the air (such as dust & dirt, pollen, acid rain, and polluted air) settle on the top lip of the gutter.  When combined with condensation or rain water it rolls down the face of your gutters causing dark streaks and stains.

The Solution

All Phase Exteriors has developed a product that we call Stripeless Tiger Strip. It is a custom-fabricated aluminum drip edge that is specifically designed for your gutters. Instead of the polluted, dirty water streaking and staining the face of the gutters, it drips off the stripeless tiger strip and away from your gutters keeping them looking like new. It is low profile and we have several colors to choose from so we can best match your gutter system. Unlike other products, ours isn’t made of plastic that can crack and break easily with stress or temperature changes.  Stripeless Tiger Strip is a one-time investment that saves you the risk of injury or the cost of paying someone to clean the outside of your gutters every year.